Thursday, August 27, 2009

tough going

We have hit a big of a rough patch here. My daughter is very sad - it appears she is being excluded from a group of girls she spend the majority of grade 8 days with. Not sure if it is the natural progression of friendship or something more deliberate - regardless it is very difficult to watch her experience the loss. She is sad beyond belief and feels quite alone. It doesn't help that her twin brother has become mr. social this summer. He has friends coming and going at all hours. Which brings its own challenges. I am not absolutely thrilled with all of his new friends.

We are listening to our daughter - she needs a safe place to talk - and yet, we want to communicate that high school is not her only social sphere. But, she doesn't really want to hear that right now. So, mostly we just listen.

I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants in the parenting department.


elizabeth said...

That is rough. I am so glad you are there to listen. My small prayers this day. Q and I were with others talking about this sort of thing and he reminded me of a class at TWU where the prof said when the teen years hit, it is like being in a white water raft; pray hard and hold on is the basis of these years.

I know what it feels like to feel or be excluded. But I have also lived long enough to see that it is not always so.

Victoria said...

nothing sucks like exclusion.
it's the way girls bully.
it's rough.
my girl went through this.
prayers and love coming from the valley.

pasivirta said...


Mimi said...

I agree with Victoria - it *is* the way girls bully and it is so hard. It also brings back horrible memories of 6th grade for me, hugs to your daughter.

You are being a good mom, and that is awesome!

blackbird said...

Ooof. I feel for you. I can only offer that it's a little easier in high school - I think there's less pressure to be popular and kids are less clique-y.

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