Friday, August 28, 2009

six things on a Friday

  1. last day of swimming lessons for my son - his papa is taking him out for breakfast to celebrate
  2. no big social plans tonight = it will be one last summer night on the deck
  3. found a great deal on a Nikon D60 - a good entry level DSLR - will make a decision today
  4. peanut butter and toast w/ my americano - the old standby
  5. since I cut my hair short again - I have been wanting to wear earrings - finally managed to get a pair in - it has been years
  6. and saving the best for last - I dragged my sorry self out of bed early enough to work out this morning. time to face the music. get busy. do something. this is / will be a battle for the next little while until I re-establish a habit - but I am committed.


elizabeth said...

Yes. I am trying to reestablish some good habits as well.

Enjoy the last of summer! It is sunshine but cool weather here.

Victoria said...

why are good habits so hard to form?

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