Saturday, August 15, 2009


Now, that we have scrapped the Honda - we have to think about another vehicle. I would love to just have one vehicle but, that is just not feasible considering where we live and where Mr. W works and all the extracurricular activities. So, yesterday we started to look at vehicles.

We started with the Volkswagon and ended up at Honda. We still have to check out Toyota and Nissan. It is a lot of work and it is depressing to think of having a car payment - I miss my old Honda.

I know that I am one fortunate person and I should not be complaining but I am just so no into vehicles - the whole experience is unpleasant.

Off to find some goodness.

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elizabeth said...

yeah. I have not looked for a car (or driven one since 2004) but can imagine it being hard, esp. as cars are not as they used to be, it seems.

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