Tuesday, September 15, 2009

nothing to do

My heart is feeling a little bruised. For my son. He is sad and frustrated. Only 13 teammates showed up for practice and of the 13, six were suited up to play - no one else wore their pads as they were injured or hurt. So, the practicing was limited. He is not upset that they lost, but he is frustrated by the poor turnout and the lack of passion. He has been looking forward to football season pretty much since the end of last year. He had such a positive experience last year. The team all bought in and they worked together and built up something great. The difference is tangible. I wish there was something I could do. Besides listen.

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elizabeth said...

yeah. this is a hard part of life. when you have to be committed when others are not as much. important though, to seek to endure, even when the 'fun' is not there... hope it the season can improve!

so glad he is talking to you about it; this is really good.

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