Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My outside job is in an environment where productivity and efficiencies are constantly being measured. Hence, when I am home chaos seems to reign free - it takes so much energy to keep it together at work that my resources are tapped out. So, when I do have the energy to actually complete some bigger tasks I am quite pleased.

Yesterday I washed all the windows in our sun room - you might remember this cause a flurry of bird activity but so far, there have been no attempts to crash through the window.

I cleaned our hardwood stairs - which is to say that I swept them of all the dust in the corners and then wiped them down and I must say they look beautiful.

While I was hanging around the stairs I noticed the handrail was looking slightly grimy so I cleaned that too. And dusted the baseboards.

I made chocolate chip cookies.

And a zillion loads of laundry - ok not a zillion. But, many many loads. Plus, while the sun was shining. I emptied out quite a few pots of flowers who have given their all; their time was over.

Of course, everywhere I look there are still tons of projects to complete. But, rather than focus on what I still have yet to do I am taking delight in what was done.


blackbird said...

oh! you inspire me!

elizabeth said...

this is always such a good feeling! thanks for sharing!

T. said...

Wow! Those are totally the never-gets-done type of jobs too. I need to get it together and have a day like this!

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