Sunday, September 20, 2009

random sunday bits

  • I found a course teaching me how to knit socks - it starts in November so football should be over and I think I can make it work - how great is that? The toe up method.
  • we are having pear/apple crisp tonight- the cranberries are not ready and Grannie brought us pumpkin pie yesterday.
  • my son and I are enjoying Fringe - the first season.
  • my son's team lost again. not by much and they played with more passion.
  • my daughter has been given the lead role in the Christmas recital
  • we enjoyed a late family dinner - I really do love my kids
  • I am thinking about having a celebratory dinner marking their 14 and half years in this world. I am finding the need to SLOW things down.
  • I picked up a copy of Rustic Desserts at the library
  • I am changing up my routine and I am going to write 3 pages a day by hand. I will start in the mornings and see how that goes. I tend to run out of time in the mornings and I don't think I can rise much earlier so it might need to switch to an evening routine.
  • off to Liturgy


elizabeth said...

Nice bunch of things here. glad the team is picking up a bit. hope this continues.

I put your and your DH names on my prayer lists for the monastaries (one went to yesterday; and monastics were at my church today). Can't remmeber if I already told you this or not!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday evening. Hope litrugy went well today.

Jess said...

I'm curious to hear how you like Rustic Fruit Desserts - the bakery the writer runs is just up the street from me, and I've liked everything I've had there. I had the book from the library but not enough time to try the recipes before I had to turn it in.

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