Saturday, September 19, 2009


It is quiet and grey. I see the tulip tree swaying in the breeze. Everyone is still asleep. I really need to get ready for work. I am procrastinating. I am only working until 1pm and then we are off to the football game. They will have no QB for the first half. How does that happen? This is where the commitment level comes into play.

My son will make the best of it. They practiced a different type of offense and he is the master of the universe when he gets the ball; just run where he thinks best. Yikes. But, he is in good spirits and looking forward to the freedom.

I paid our bills. And made a grocery list. Spaghetti tonight I think.

Oh and an apple/cranberry crisp!

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elizabeth said...

may your day be blessed.

I am putting your and your DH name for prayer at the monastery.

My love to you!

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