Thursday, February 17, 2011


  • this is the last time my daughter strapped on her pointe shoes - and she was struggling - she stopped dancing and is undergoing treatment for her achilles tendon.  we have finally met someone who thinks he can assist and we are aggressively pursuing that plan - the goal is to have her healed and ready for the beginning of grade 11.
  • gluten sensitivity - I have pretty much decided that me and gluten don't work so well together.  Tuesday I ate pizza at lunch after almost 2 weeks of next to no gluten and I was miserable.  not really sure where I am going to go with this realization
  • washing machine is still not functioning properly and we are quickly reaching the tipping point - in fact I think we have reached it.
  • car insurance - need to renew it and declare that I will have two new drivers in the house - after March 29th - both of my children turn 16.  lord have mercy.
  • eye exams - both of my children need them
  • reading glasses for the computer - I need them
  • rocked the first aid exam I took yesterday
  • it is time for a second americano


Mimi said...

Prayers to you and your daughter, and hugs.

elizabeth said...

thinking of you and family.

deb colarossi said...

Sending healing thoughts for your daughter, I imagine she is quite frustrated by this.

And gluten+ me = ick. big time. I miss beer the most.
just sayin'

blackbird said...

That's quite a list.
But, imagine when all those things are done/solved/healed.

Donna Farley said...

So beautiful...prayers for her healing.

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