Thursday, April 21, 2011

my favourite room

My favourite room is the sun room.  We pretty much bought the house based on the light found here.  The light has been late in coming and it is ridiculously cold out right now.  The tulips are few and far between.  I need red and purple flowers for tomorrow and I am not quite sure where they are going to come from.  I trust it will work itself out.  It always does. 

I am also on the hunt for white flowers for Saturday night.  Generally we get cut lilies and white tulips.  And we make a garland.  Today I will pick up eggs to dye.  And the votive candles for the procession path.  Saturday I will buy our cheese and chocolate. 

I had a bit of a personal revelation this past week.  I was feeling stuck and weighted down.  Afraid to move.  The what ifs were consuming me.  But, I have made some decisions.  And I am no longer afraid.  A very good way to begin the next three holy days.  Tonight the service of the 12 gospels. 


elizabeth said...

fear can really do that, hey? I understand all to well.

Blessed Holy Three Days. Was at liturgy this AM and back for the 12 Gospels tonight.

I am so glad. Sad that I have to finish cover letters but thank God He is merciful.

I got red roses for tomorrow, new to me Pascha basket and ingredients for Pascha food and Red Wine.


Mimi said...

Prayers and hugs to you.

amykblum said...

My aunt and I have taken to saying Tally Ho! when we're feeling mired. Move forward and if it doesn't work out switch course! Tally Ho!

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