Saturday, April 23, 2011



Today is our first truly sunny and warm spring day.  Perfect for running around and doing the final quiet preparations.  I have a list.
  • more white flowers
  • chocolate - some small bites of goodness
  • cheese - thinking brie and jarlsburg - herb and garlic cream cheese for the daughter
  • fresh baguette to go with the cheese
  • salami - to go with the baguette
  • need to stop off the church and prepare the tealights for the procession - and do some final prep on the flowers
  • need a new card for my digital - painful 
  • sit in the sun on the deck. 
  • maybe turn some more earth and plant some more veggies
  • library 
What does your day hold?  


alice c said...

We have the flowers (white lilies; blue hyacinths) and the cheese (camembert; manchego) - so food sorted. Roast beef tomorrow but I am regretting that because you should have lamb for Easter.
We went to a rugby match today and enjoyed the sunshine - it feels like summer here!

Have a wonderful Easter - may it be full of joy for you and your family.

elizabeth said...

I got red roses.

Baked over 100 chocolate chip cookies; some chocolate meringue and about 40 molasses; my Ukrainian family makes my Pascha (bread). 7 eggs boiled and ready for the basket, Dutch Gouda cheese and brie and some chocolate, including my Dutch chocolate letter from Christmas :) and a bottle of red wine...

Blessed Pascha to you and your family.

Lil'M said...

lovely lovely!
yesterday was the garden. recovering from that still.
today was making Challah for our basket... picking up more meat than our fridge can hold (since it's full of fresh fruit!)... BBQ chicken to go with the challah... maple smoked bacon to go with the chicken!!... goat cheese and cheddar... cleaning the house... longing to sit in the sun... trying to maximize each minute of the day and wasting it in the end.

hope the bread rises... something tells me maybe it won't. Thankfully Christ's rising doesn't depend on how good the yeast is and there is one thing in which there will be NO disappointment!

Jess said...

As a young man at church was saying this afternoon - Christ is Risen, almost. I did my cheese & meat shopping yesterday (nearly typed "cheese & cheese") and now have manchego and gruyere, and bacon and chicken, and tomatoes to make BLTs for dinner next week. And I'll have to see if I have time to turn some of these eggs into deviled eggs to nibble on in the wee hours. Here's hoping the sunshine lasts through tomorrow!

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