Monday, May 23, 2011

morning thoughts

These flowers look like birds in flight to me. 
I appreciate the rally of good and kind thoughts.  Prayers. 
If I am honest with myself there is a fair bit of fear in me.  Fear that we might make a mistake.  Fear that others will not understand our decision.  Fear that in the eyes of the world we are acting too soon.  I know that it is irrational.  Part of me likes the irrationality of the decision.  Part of me embraces the time to clean house and reduce our possessions.  To really focus on what we want to carry forward into the next stage.  But, I sit in my sun room and I look out the windows and I am very happy right here.  I love this room and I love our backyard.  I love our deck.  There is no question our outdoor living would be minimized.  I have no answers today.  Just questions.

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theresia said...

For people who don't just lead an easygoing, superficial life, important decisions always involve an element of fear: fear of uncertainty,fear of making the wrong decision,fear of failure. These are very personal,deep seated fears within oneself and have to be carefully considered.
All pros and cons should be examined with regards to the impact on oneself and on immediate family.
The fear that others, extended family and friends for example, who are not directly affected by one's decisions, might not understand one's motives, and also "that the eyes of the world" might not agree, are external fears; they m a y be considered in the process, but they are much less important, or not important at all, if the decisions you are making don't have a direct,or even harmful impact on other people's lives.

Also, the timing of a motive for making an important decision has to be examined carefully. Is the decision the result of boredom and a perceived need of change? Is it a necessity for survival? Is it born out of fear of the future? Is it the outcome of illness and/or stress? The latter three motives have a tendency to cloud your vision. Or,is it based on solid rational considerations that promise a chance to improve one's quality of life, now and in the future?
Obviously, the depth of questioning your own motives is totally up to you, and can be very difficult to do. Your readers can only offer encouragement and prayers, and I will pray for you.
I am sure that, with reflection and trust in GOD'S mercy, you will make the right decision.

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