Sunday, May 22, 2011


The weekend is not technically over.  Tomorrow is a holiday.   Victoria Day.  There is a parade which I think we will skip.  I have a novel to start.  Some big decisions to make.  We are thinking of selling our house.  Downsizing a little earlier than originally planned.  But, the new place is very appealing and the harsh reality is that my back will not withstand a yard with a garden.  But, we would be giving up space and... well space.   The back yard and the privacy and the distance from the neighbour.  I don't want to make the wrong decision.   There is definitely some fear.  What if?  What if?  And then I remember there are no guarantees in life.  We can only make the decisions on what we know now.  We can not predict the future.   And it is just a house. 


T. said...

Selling and moving is such a big decision...I feel blessed in a way that we only have to decide to rent a new place to move.

Good luck in your decision-making!

Anna Ander said...

I'm back on my feet again, will write shortly. Thinking of you and all those big decisions. And of your back. Be careful.


elizabeth said...

I hope you are still doing the exercises for your back... if you do move don't kill yourself with the boxes okay? :)

It is a big decision... the 'what ifs' can be paralyzing and unhelpful... have you done a pros and cons list?

prayers and lots of love...

Victoria said...

"this is not the ride I thought I was standing in line for...."

when is it ever, eh?
prayers for you my friend.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

First of all, this is a lovely photograph.

I'm sure you will do what is best for you. Nothing is truly permanent and although this is sometimes a disconcerting thought, it can be comforting when making difficult decisions.

What novel are you beginning?

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