Tuesday, June 28, 2011

post weekend

Glory bowl

playing around with my the camera on my iphone.  loving the hipstamtic app.  have come to the realization that I need to take the next steps.  I spend a fair bit of my precious morning time reading and being inspired by others.  nothing wrong with that.  but, I need to do some of my own work.  face into the darkness and dare to bring the words into the light.  my schedule is such that if I restructure my time I should have plenty of time to write. 

one of my biggest fears is this new medication prescribed for me has some rather daunting side effects.
fuzzy thinking is one of them.  which is why I have been reluctant to try it.  I would really rather not. 

we love the glory bowl.  I have written about it before but, it is seriously good food.  easy to prepare and lots of dressing for leftover rice.

one final exam done.  one to write today.  then we are done.  so far no interviews scheduled.  if no one gets hired this week we are heading to the okanagan for a few days.  chasing the sun.

last night was the first warm summer night.  I was outside in my t-shirt until 9pm. 

I am drinking iced tea - ginger peach.  on its own.  no sugar.  it is going to be my alternative to wine and beer.  it does not even come close.  but, we do what we have to.   part of doing the work.

reading all about the piriformis muscle

time for a second americano and to wake the student.  have a great week.


Jane said...

I need to make more iced tea. Hope you all are finally on summer vacation!

amykblum said...

Fuzzy thinking may be a side effect of meds but it's also a side effect of pain. Reducing the pain to lead to healing will lead to overall less fuzziness.

What's a glory bowl? Recipe?

Your photos are lovely. Have I told you that recently?

Miss you!

deb colarossi said...

I don't have an iphone, so jealous.

I have cut down on my wine consumption now that my I'm running and training more.

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