Friday, July 01, 2011

July 1st Canada Day

Here we are - half way through 2011.  It is still cloudy.  Still.  We were supposed to be in the Okanagan this weekend but, several events occurred and I definitely felt the universe was telling me it was best to stay home.  So we did. 

We are hoping the sun will shine sometime.  Please.  For the love of God.  Please let the sun shine.

Somehow we ended up with an extra chair in my sunroom.  It is not quite what we were expecting.... so now I have a beautiful chair that needs reupholstering and an ugly chair that needs to go.

The calla lilies are in bloom.  I see many more ready to unfold.  They are a gift and a lovely distraction from the knowledge the peonies are done. 

Listening to the new Bon Ivor.

Starting a new walking routine with the Mister. 

Started the medication last night.   So far so good.  No bad effects noted.  I am told that it will take several days for me to feel the positive effects.  So we wait. 

Left my iphone at work.  Lame.  Hope to get out with the cameras.  And do some weeding.  We enjoyed the bounties of my so called garden - lettuce in abundance.  It was good. 

Enjoy the weekend.


elizabeth said...

I'm home too; so glad to just have quiet. love to you.

Mimi said...

Happy Canada Day
I am greatly loving the calla lilies too.

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