Tuesday, July 26, 2011

holding pattern

A short work week.  Then holidays.  2 weeks.  I need the break.  We are in a bit of a flux.  but sometimes, that is where we are supposed to be.  Holding steady in the difficult places.  learning not to flee but, to stand firm. 

I have come to the conclusion that Sumatra does not taste that great used in an espresso machine.

The first coat of gray paint has been applied.   I had my 16 year old son help me.  I think I will do the second coat myself.   Enough said. 

Check out this video of David Blair singing some poetry.   He passed away on the weekend.  A big loss.

My skin has been a wee bit sensitive (understatement) - I think it might be a side effect.  One I was not expecting.  So now what?  I am still not seeing a dramatic improvement - and now I have crazy skin issues.  I am thinking I will see if we can change it up.   Find another med.  Or go without again and see where that takes me? 

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