Saturday, July 30, 2011

some further updates


yesterday was my first day of vacation.  the sun shone.  early morning coffee date with a good friend who lives the most hectic life.  she gave me the "get busy"speech and sent me on my way.   a walk with my husband and our aging husky Echo.  my daughter ran the route.  my son made it home on time.  it was a good day. 

oh. and a location scout came to our house to scope out our kitchen.  robert redford is making a film and needs a kitchen with alot of depth and we have it.   how great would that be? 

I signed up for a new online course emerge - and have met a few of the other participants and it is going to be good.

a BBQ on the mountain today.   some good conversation will be had.

our parked subaru was hit by a canada post delivery truck.  this is has all the markings of a nightmare with bureaucracy.  throw good thoughts our way. 


Sarah in Indiana said...

Whoa. I can't even fathom would it would be like to have the possibility of Robert Redford in my kitchen. Of course, mine would not make a good movie set, as much as I like it.

Oh dear, good luck with the car related red-tape. Perhaps this happens all the time and they have the process down? (perhaps not)

Jane said...

Robert Redford...oh man! And that course looks amazing!

Victoria said...

that poor subaru!! will it's miseries never be over??

oh, and robert redford? crossing my fingers for you. how fantastic would that be?

elizabeth said...

Oh no! that car, I tell you. Hugs. Lots of love to you.

blackbird said...

You need to burn some sage near that car - it's got a hex on it.

Wanting photos of the kitchen now...

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