Monday, September 05, 2011

on the eve of a new school year

well sort of.
one child - the son doesn't even go to class tomorrow.
wednesday is his first day
my daughter goes for one hour
from 1 - 2 pm
uh huh.
administrative stuff.
one child - the daughter has all her classes sorted
the other needs to change his schedule.
they have done no back to school shopping
we are winging it the first week or so
we have binders and paper and writing utensils.
still working on the life changing events

we are selling some camera equipment and hopefully obtaining a medium format film camera
fingers crossed

if i could tell you a story about tonight, i would.  you would not believe the crazy drama that we seem to live through and survive.  it is all good now.  

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Lil'M said...

you could write a story and surely it would sell.

if you survive what you say is as troublesome as it is, then you must be amazing people, since these things refine us and mold us and develop us into something better.

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