Tuesday, September 06, 2011

speaking of...

boots - I like these very much.

back to school shopping - time for some new stationary supplies - maybe some coloured markers - and some fixative as I have dared to pick up the pastels.

red wine - my favourite winery Hester Creek has produced some good reds this year

good words from dear people - I am so very thankful for the blogging community that surrounds me

evening sun -  a warm summer evening.  a lovely gift.

starbucks anniversary blend - one of my favourite fall flavours


T. said...

I like the new look :)

We will have to visit Hester Creek (heading up there in a couple days).

Victoria said...

ooooh! I tried a pair of those on when we went to pick up K's blundstones in Vancouver. sooooo comfortable and AWEsome looking! but beyond the budget in this year of austere living.

Mimi said...

Best school year wishes

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