Monday, September 12, 2011

shooting into the sun

I took another photo today.  Right into the sun.  Blind.  And when I looked at it.  My finger obliterated half the image.  Oh well.  I am sure that is a metaphor for something. 

My high school burned to the ground this morning.  I woke up to my alarm as  per usual and perused my twitter feed.  @SandraOldfield  from Tinhorn Creek posted the fire broke out around 2:30 am.  By 6am it was pretty much gone.  I am a little bit sad.  High school was not my favourite time but, we had a great school.  Big wide hallways.  A fantastic old auditorium.  All of it is gone.  The loss to the community is hard to comprehend.  The students and teachers will need to find somewhere to go.  The auditorium served a greater need in the community than just high school productions.  Support staff will be without work.  The impact of this fire will be a ripple effect. 

The son is gainfully employed.  Hurrays all around.  And he is taking ceramics and had a good first class sculpting a dinosaur.  His teacher loved it.  He used to use modeling clay all the time.  He has a good eye and good perspective.  His eyes were bright when he talked about the class.  This makes me happy.

I think I need some tea tonight. 

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elizabeth said...

wow; sorry about the high school.

so glad about your son. remembering you all.

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