Friday, October 28, 2011

six things on a Friday

Nathan creek

  1. It has been a week.  The lack of daylight is doing a number on me.  I am dragging my feet in the dark mornings.  I have hung the twinkle lights in the kitchen window.  I have been going to bed earlier.  Hopefully I will adjust sooner than later.  My lack of productivity in the am is alarming.
  2. Pumpkin carving this weekend.  
  3. I finally ordered Jonathan Field's Uncertainty and Steven Pressfield's Do the Work.  For me and to give away. 
  4. Friends coming over tonight to sit in the hot tub and visit.  
  5. Do you know Christina Rosalie?  Check her out here.  She is a crazy, inspiration these days.
  6. And Tara?  Her photos and words are lovely and quiet.   And you can her prints here.

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