Saturday, October 29, 2011


On the walk

saturday evening
a day without rain
winter ale

designing a logo
looking for a particular photo from years ago that would be perfect ....

a lovely walk this morning
foundation laid for the dark room

painful silence between my daughter and I
learning to respect the choices of her choosing to not share
all I can do is offer to listen

starting to think about goal setting for next year
thinking about new word

salad and chicken for dinner
back on track with the eating
which means avoiding the flour
and I feel much better

as it goes


TeresaAngelina said...

And so it goes. Enough said. (Your daughter loves you. But then you know that. Only an outsider's view, but...she does.)

Lil'M said...

Ramona, that second photos is amazing. My jaw dropped. Literally. Saved as a fav. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us!

Victoria said...

gorgeous photos.

myn said...

LOVE the photos!

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