Tuesday, November 08, 2011

chasing the light

the weekend was full of sun
a big contrast to the dark, wet, gray Monday

the time change has helped with the early rising - does on extra hour of sleep make that much difference...

accomplished a fair bit on my list yesterday - the only thing not done was the snow tires
do I need to tell you the laundry was not finished.

big discussion on chapter one of Lord of the Flies - relevant to all kinds of things happening right now

did I mention that this week is the craziest work/ driving/ work schedule... but we are all home on Friday for Remembrance Day.

you must check out Habit this month - 

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Mimi said...

I heard late last week that storms will be coming in around where I am, and going south for a bit, which should keep you guys nice and crisp and clear ;) Enjoy!

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