Wednesday, November 09, 2011

random bits

I had been thinking of taking my camera into the neighbour's garden for weeks.  Finally as the flowers were losing their lives I ventured out on a sunny day.  I like the yellow in these images.  Yellow is a hard colour to capture.

I am waiting up for my daughter who is at a Dan Mangan concert.

I walked away from a Pentax MX earlier this week.  I need another manual SLR film camera like a need a ... .well I don't need one.... but it was tempting - came with both a 35mm and 50mm lens... I was proud of myself but, I am still thinking about it.

We are having a small work party/ function tomorrow.

Marcel is an app now.  I love Marcel.  I was way ahead of the curve with this love.  And there will be a hard cover too.  The app is really just the book being narrated by Marcel.  Cheaper than a 6 pack of beer.  Endearing as all get out.

Who is using the new blogger interface?  I tried and reverted... I am not a big fan right now.


blackbird said...

I'm making myself use the new blogger interface because I think I should...but I don't like it.

Victoria said...

I tried it, but there were no redirects for myself even to alter a post, or create a new one. it was too stark and bare (which, I get it, is the point)
I couldn't do it.

E Helena E said...

I have briefly hopped in and out of the new interface, but also don't like the look and am keeping the old.

Mimi said...

Black-eyed Susans make me think of "Little House on the Prairie" - always.

Hugs to you!

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