Friday, November 04, 2011

conspiracy theories and distractions

 Presents of inspiration

I received my copies of Do the Work in the mail yesterday.  Cracked it open last night - it is going to be GREAT!   If you haven't read The War on Art either you should grab that next.  Steven Pressfield is brilliant and his latest book is just what I needed to read before the end of the year.  I have kind of stalled out in some of my projects... the wheels are spinning, but I am standing still. 

I have been distracted by this and that.  I have lost my confidence in plowing ahead.  I feel a bit mired.  Anyways... it arrived in record time and I am thrilled. 

I also ordered Uncertainty by Jonanthan Fields which I will tackle after Do the Work.  I am hoping these two texts will get the juices and gumption going again.

We seem to have an insurmountable amount of laundry these days. 

We woke to frost covered grass.  No more lawn cutting this season.  My son will be thrilled. 

We are falling back this Saturday night and so we will have more daylight in the am but, it will get dark earlier.  I was just getting used to dark mornings. 

Habit - one of my all time favourite places to visit has opened up a flickr pool for anyone to submit a photo and a few short words.  Check it out.  If this isn't a good reason to pick up the camera and start shooting again...

Time to pull up the bootstraps and get moving.

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Victoria said...

stephen pressfield. really must read some.

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