Tuesday, November 01, 2011

words and dates

November 1st.  Really?  This is the month of NaBloPoMo.  And Remembrance Day.  The Nativity Fast starts in two weeks.  Two months left of 2011.  I always feel that this is a time of transition, a winding down and reflective time but, I am also acutely aware that one sixth of the year remains open for new things/ projects - there is still time. 

I have made two dates so far.  

There are a definite few things on my list to finish by the end of the year. 

I will be making more soup.

I am going to venture into the gluten free baking world.  But, not for Christmas.  We will make normal gingerbread.  And my teens will invite their friends to decorate.  Their idea.  I am secretly thrilled.

I am drinking chai these days.   Just brewed with steamed milk and honey.

We put up our Christmas lights yesterday while the weather was fine.  But, there will be no turning on of the lights until the 15th. 


elizabeth said...

remembering you. the Nativity fast is soon upon us indeed!

E Helena E said...

I did not know about NaPloPoMo! I had intended to do a blog version of NaNoWriMo without realising there was something more "official". I will persist. I like the hope that you offer in one sixth of the year remaining. It's not too late. Thank you.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Seriously, how is it November already? Chai sounds good right now, and soup too. I think I'll make soup for dinner.

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