Tuesday, November 22, 2011

daily grind

we are in the thick of things
all of us are feeling like we are moving constantly with little time for reflection

craving some space to just let it all spill out on the page
and balancing that desire to get up early with an extra hour of sleep

liking this post by christina

the good news is that I am keeping up with my exercise
and I am eating much better these days
I am slightly overwhelmed by the things I am reading about food production which makes me think long and hard about the food choices we are making

I was part of a big picture discussion at work and I left inspired.  I love to hear and think big picture.  Sometimes the message gets lost in the everyday machinations.


elizabeth said...

was thinking of you esp. again this morning.

Mimi said...

Prayers to you for peace, calm, and blessings :)

Love the bananas.

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