Wednesday, December 28, 2011

catching up

Early morning
do you recognize this view?
one of the best gifts these holy days has been my daily walk with my husband
we have walked together everyday save for one
these past couple of mornings have been incredibly mild.
makes me wonder once the holidays are over just, what kind of weather is in store for us?
normally once the feast is over I ache for spring
this year I am feeling more settled and I am looking forward to a few good months of winter routines.
using the darkness to my advantage.
working on my chin ups ... so to speak
which means doing push ups
and hanging from the chin up bar ... a little longer each day.

other good things include
baths with new bubbles, salts and smells
finishing a novel
creating a reading list

dinner with the sisters
a new creative idea hatched and ruminating
cheese for a few days

evening chat with my daughter by the fire
doing some reflecting on the past year and being bold to write down my dreams for and hopes for 2012

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elizabeth said...

so glad for these good things!

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