Thursday, December 29, 2011

year end review Jan - June photos



the year is winding down.  we are making no big plans for new year's eve.  rather we are going out for dinner tomorrow when both of our children are attending a concert.  then saturday night we are staying in and watching hockey and boardwalk empire.  we have a date to pick up some calendars at 50% off and we are picking up the subaru from the shop.  it needed a new clutch.  piece of crap car.  don't even go there.  anyhow...we are facing the reality that mr. w will need an alternative mode of transportation.  so we are going to check out a vehicle tomorrow.  we have both decided on our words for 2012.  more on that later.  i am writing a mini manifesto for the new year.  i can confidently say that I will be using the medium format camera more next year since we will have a dark room to develop the photos.  definitely want to read more after that rather pitiful revelation from 2011.  wait!  I just remembered two more young adult novels I read.  that makes it 7 in total.  definitely need to improve that number.  we are finishing up the last of the eggnog and the winter's ale.  making plans to de-clutter in january.  enjoy these last couple of days in 2011.

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did you see how you inspired me!?

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