Saturday, December 31, 2011

end of year post

offiically new year's eve.
one child going out.
the other staying in.  reluctantly.  sort of.  but, traumatized by the day's events that he is just resting comfortably.  foreign matter in the eye.  exhausted.  frightened by the fact he could not see.   matter has subsequently been removed.  needs to just rest. 

hockey on the tv.
world juniors.  go canada go.
canucks later.
beer and cheese.

enjoying the last night of the christmas tree.
a clean and sparkly new tub of hot tub water awaits.
might write some letters.  might not.
settling in and being thankful for all that I have now.
daring to dream about the future.
excited for possibilities.

see you on the other side
thanks for reading

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Jane said...

Happy New year!! Hope it brings good things to you and your family!

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