Sunday, January 01, 2012

words and a few dreams

so we picked our words
mine is strength
husband's is constant
daughter's is lean
son's is transparent

interesting.  i pondered my choice for a long time.  i want to be stronger in a physical sense.  my goal is to be able to do 10 chin ups by the end of 2012.    but, there is the spiritual / emotional side as well.  i wonder if I am setting myself up. 

decided to give the 365 photo project a go again.

another year of west of hope.  we are hoping to have a public show/ book/ something in 2013

big river stories will hopefully unfold into something awesome.

a creative endeavor is percolating - will require some research and prep work and a little financial commitment but i think it could be good.  involves mini moo cards.  which I love. 


elizabeth said...

I like your word for the year; I think as long as we remember where our source of strength really is then all is well. love to you, much love.

Lil'M said...

ha ha! i thought you were going to say your creative project involves mini mint chocolates... maybe that's just what's on the brain.

looking forward to spending the year with you, dear sister. you are a fixture in my heart now and it is a joy to see you working things out, forgiving yourself, and being brave.

alice c said...

I love your words. I think that mine will be 'possible'.

Victoria said...

oooh. good words. I've been having trouble thinking about my word. I like your girl's word. may have to steal it.

myn said...

i like your word. i like the many meanings and applications within strength. good choice!

mine is "calm". i just posted about it. i too wonder if i'm setting myself up. calm and i have never mixed well but i aim to fix that.

deb colarossi said...

Catching up here is like opening gifts still..

I am looking forward to seeing how this year plays out for you . For your family.

For me.

And I am blessed to be sharing it with you. Isn't life miracle, in spite of the hard?

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