Saturday, January 07, 2012

1400 posts later


the rain is back.
friday was a doozy of a day.
we had a "shuffle" at work - the bottom line is I am moving locations and I lose my 4 day a week shift.   I will now work extended fortnight... which is not bad; every 2nd Saturday off.  but, my current shift is better.  and I loved where I worked so I was a bit shocked.

then my perspective changed when we heard of tragic death in the periphery of our lives.  a young man in his early 20's.  just barely.  details are sketchy.  all versions are horrific.  and I am can barely comprehend the the tragedy.  my son is struggling.

we are rallying.


Sarah in Indiana said...

Lord have mercy upon the young man and those touched by his life.

elizabeth said...

Oh wow, so sorry for these challenges and griefs. I am lighting my lampada to St. George right now for this newly departed and for you and your family. Lord have mercy. if it is of any help, I find drinking Holy Water when in tough times helpful. (hugs)

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