Friday, January 06, 2012

six things on a Friday

  1. you must check out this blog here - my comrad in west of hope has started a new project and she is putting together some beautiful images. 
  2. new month at habit
  3. the rain has eased.  glory hallelujah
  4. after some debate we have decided the twinkle lights will remain hanging in the kitchen window to combat the darkness
  5. it is a two americano morning today.  and it is my late start day.  let's have another glory hallelujah
  6. get this.  dishwasher busted.  and the speedometer on the jetta no longer functions.  that is a couple of small challenges to overcome.  we use the dishwasher all the time.  and the jetta is the learning how to drive car.  probably a good idea if it keeps track of speed.  seriously.  if it is not one thing it is another. 


Lil'M said...

keeping you on your toes, at least!

Victoria said...

I missed having twinkle lights up this year. speaking of americanos, I'm off to coffee shop for my second (out of cream here or I'd make my own) happy friday to you my friend.

elizabeth said...

sigh/groan. one thing then another; often happens around feast times to distract us. HUGS. may there be many more Glory Hallelujahs.

GretchenJoanna said...

Does that mean it wasn't raining for Theophany? Happy Feast Day & week!
I don't envy your situation re: work and few hours of daylight, etc. May God give you strength in every way for all the challenges.

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