Tuesday, January 17, 2012

for blackbird

winter storm season is upon us.  the promised white stuff arrived.  it snowed on and off all day yesterday, but nothing much accumulated through the night. 

but there was enough snow to warrant the save the cedar hedge campaign '12.  in 2008 we invested a lot of time and energy shaking off the cedars to prevent them from splitting from the weight of the precipitation.  we saved ourselves hundreds of dollars in landscaping by being vigilant.

we are still under a snowfall warning for the remainder of the week.

in other news .... we are watching Downton Abbey.  and we love it.

my last week at work.  I start in my new location on the 24th.  will spend a good portion of the time cleaning up files and my desk and enjoying my coworkers.

happy tuesday


blackbird said...

I thank you.
It is SUPPOSED to snow in the winter.
It's warm and wet here.

Eleanor said...

A post dedicated to blackbird makes my heart sing. Old school blogging at its finest. And finding bb in the first commentbox is the icing on the cake.

E x

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