Saturday, January 28, 2012

on the merits of a good chocolate bar


Hannah's first cinnamon buns.  While we were waiting for them to bake we looked up the baking arts... I think she may have found something she is interested in studying....  Hallelujah.  In all seriousness, it is a delight to see her show some enthusiasm for study outside of high school.  It is very practical.  And portable. 

We, the parents are not eating alot of baked goods these days.  But, we do appreciate a good piece of chocolate as a snack.  Tonight I had red wine and chocolate. 


elizabeth said...

red wine with a bit of chocolate is a delight.

yay that H is interested in this study! :)

biss said...

tell h. to come visit! i love baking!

myn said...

those look amazing!!!! well done Hannah! i can't eat baked goods but i love baking. there is something calming and wonderful about baking.

Mr. P said...

we too are avoiding baked goods, I feel WAY less tired when I don't eat sugar. (or white flour...)

that said, I LOVED cinnamon buns, especially when my mom would put a layer of maple syrup on the bottom and after a day or two they were soaked in it. Almost better than fresh.

high school sucks. generally. its so hard when there's nothing to grab on to. It was choir for me, but that's not for everyone.

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