Friday, January 20, 2012

a photo from another season

more film from before the snow arrived
in fact I think this was taken during our last outing for west of hope
I have been noticing quite a few abandoned homes in the last few weeks
we need to get busy before they are demolished.

it is still winter.  cold.  so far we have not lost any power but some of our friends have.
school is in session where we live.  others are closed. 


updated Friday am
more snow
warmer now
chance of flooding later this weekend.
fun times


elizabeth said...

hmmm, weather challenges. hugs.

Lil'M said...

so glad you found some places. apparently the 3 on my list of 5 are being actively lived in by people with vehichles and lights. it's almost as if they suddenly decide to move in after assuring myself (after MONTHS of stalking!) they are truly abandoned.

we definitely need a date.

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