Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mid week


I think I need to take down the heart garland.  We keep hearing talk of snow.  This morning the birds were singing... they were not expecting snow.  It rained.  It was cold.  It was a ridiculous day at work.  Today was the last day to contribute to your registered retirement savings plan for 2011.  A bit of a gong show.  We ate jujubes to maintain our sanity.

I am drinking more tea these days.  I am going sans alcohol over Lent.  Frees up some extra calories for snacking.  I have been thinking and thinking about all kinds of stuff.  Dare I say over thinking?   My mind is full.  Of ideas and worries and plans and hopes and dreams and questions and grocery lists and errands and books to read and business plans and projects.

I am almost finished our taxes.  A minor miracle right there.  Usually I am hitting the send electronically button on the evening of the last day.

I am reading Stephen King's On Writing.  I laughed out loud.   He is a funny guy.

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Victoria said...

ah! I loved that book. which surprised me, cuz I don't read his fiction, but I loved his story about how he became a writer, and how tenacious his passion was. such a good read.

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