Tuesday, February 28, 2012

postscript weekend

  • Forgiveness sunday vespers to begin Lent.  Even after all my exercise my quads are tight.  a good physical reminder to me.  
  • No snow appeared.  Yesterday it was cold.  Biting cold on our walk.
  • I attempted to make wheat free banana bread.  It was an epic failure.  It just did not bind together.  Maybe it would have been better as a muffin. 
  • Course selection for next year.  This is proving to be a more painful process that I could have imagined.  I am having a rather difficult time processing my children are going to be entering their grade 12 year. 
  • Finalizing details for H's school trip.  Notarized letter.  Travel/ Medical Insurance.  Next Tuesday they are off to Philadelphia/ New York for a High School Dance Festival.  They are the only Canadian school entered.  
  • Below is what we call Dubstep Violin.  It is kind of growing on me.

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elizabeth said...

Thinking of you.

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