Friday, February 03, 2012

six things on a Friday

  1. Normally it is the last day of the work week for me.  I switched locations and lost my compressed shift.  So, I work every other Saturday.  I am still not over the lameness of it all.  I KNOW I need to let it go and move on.  I am being completely ridiculous about it.  I should be thankful I have a job.  It is a short day.  I am off at 3pm.  I get to wear jeans.  
  2. I am struggling with my camera.  I lack motivation to pick it up.  I can't see right now.  I am feeling a tad distracted.  I don't like it.  We are sending off the med. format camera for some adjustments.  I am hoping that once it returns, I will pick it up and teach myself how to shoot with it.  Maybe having something new to learn will help.
  3. My son has a project due tomorrow. It was like pulling teeth to get him to just sit down and finish it.  My frustration level hit an all time high.  That is when Mr. W steps in and I step out.  Truce negotiated.  He forced himself to do the work and still had some free time in the evening.  And he felt good for his accomplishment.   Life lessons.  They are exhausting me.  
  4. We finished season one of Game of Thrones.  It is pretty fantastical.  We shall see what season two brings.  We have decided to wait until the full season has been shown on HBO and then watch it consecutively.  We enjoy that method of viewing much better.  Next on the list is Homeland.
  5. I am reading a YA novel On the solitude of Prime Numbers - and I am very much anticipating reading John Green's The Fault in our Stars.   I have also created a separate page on my blog to keep track of books I have read.  As we all know I could barely remember reading anything in 2011.  
  6. My yellow tulips are done.  I will bring home some new flowers today.  I think I might buy a larger bouquet and split it up throughout the house.  I think that might boost my spirits.  
Peace out.


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I just bought a small bunch of flowers yesterday and each time I walk past they make me happy. Enjoy your bouquet.

myn said...

i hear you about trying to find gratitude for the job you have. i'm feeling the same way. reminding myself to be uber thankful for having gainful employment.

did you read Game of Thrones? i'm almost done book 2. watched the first series - LOVED it. love the books too!

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