Thursday, February 02, 2012


feb banner

groundhog day - that would be today and the news is that we are going to have an early spring

blocking off some time this month to plan some gardening.  last year it was so rainy and miserable through april and may we barely planted any containers - the deck looked a little bleak and want of colour.  this year we will do better.

this photo is completely unrelated to anything except that I created a blog banner with it in February 2009.

my work days have gotten busier which means the time flies past faster

we are watching Game of Thrones now - completely different than Downton Abbey but just as entertaining

lots of things happening behind the scenes and under the surface.   we are going one day at a time.


Victoria said...

thanks for the heads up about gardening.. I never plan ahead and always end up overpaying for container plants at the nursery when starting ahead of time would be so much cheaper.

Lil'M said...

amazing how your photography has completely changed! i thought this was someone else's.

thinking of you.

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