Friday, February 24, 2012

six things on a Friday

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  1. This is me.  Photo taken by my husband.  Around Christmas time.  I have lost this scarf.  I am going to find it this weekend so I can wear it a few more times.  Do you know we have a snowfall warning in effect?
  2. We are done.  Done. With the fundraising.  Our last event was last night.  We raised over $4000.  I think we have raised close to $7000 in total.   Wow.  That is due to some incredibly dedicated and hardworking organizers.  I was a mere laborer and I appreciate their efforts.
  3. I am off tomorrow.  It is my regular scheduled day off.  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to the extra day.  The threat of snow has made me rethink my plans, but regardless it will be good to relax. 
  4. There were firetrucks and ambulances outside my house again this morning.  Nothing to do with us.  There was a vehicle (turns our relatively minor) accident on our street.  It seemed surreal that the trucks were out there with their lights flashing in the early morning darkness yet again.
  5. I am drinking my americano black this morning.  Not by choice.  No milk in the house.  Because after all these years... my family cannot think to let me know that they used the last of it and would I please bring some milk home.  
  6. Monday it is officially Lent.  I feel like it has started already. 


elizabeth said...

I really love this picture of you.

I can imagine how it already feels like lent for you.

Lots of love and candles lit.

Lil'M said...

congratulations with the fundraising! the dancers must be overjoyed.

didn't heart about a snowfall warning, but watching it from the window makes such a warning seem warranted.

Mimi said...

I agree, it is very lovely!
Lord have Mercy, prayers for those involved.
Congratulations on the fundraising ;)

Victoria said...

ah. lovely photo.

blackbird said...

You look radiant.

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