Sunday, February 26, 2012

changing perspective

I felt the urge to find a sign of spring.  I walked with my husband yesterday.  Our old stomping grounds.  It was as windy as on Christmas day.  It was good.  The fresh air was good.  We reflected on how that daily walk pretty much saved his life.   That he has left behind a good portion of himself on that gravel road.   We talked of the future.   We talked about our children.

I am reading this brilliant YA novel right now.  The Solitude of Prime Numbers.  I should finish this afternoon.   I missed picking up Death comes to Pemberley from the public library so it was sent along to the next person.  Gah.  I am trying to read more.  It means making a different choice.  Stepping away from my laptop and actively choosing to read a book.  Behaviour modification is half the battle.

Lent officially starts tomorrow.  Pascha is April 15th.  It is all about the end date. 


elizabeth said...

Yes, to get to Pascha we need to go through Lent; blessed Lent to you and my love....

Mimi said...

A blessed Lent indeed. Forgive me.
You aren't missing anything on "Death Comes to Pemberley" - I was sorely disapopinted.

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