Monday, March 26, 2012

monday monday


After a full weekend of sunshine the gray days are back.  Fitting for back to school.  Neither  of my teens is  particular keen to head back to class.  Funny.  I don't remember hating high school quite so much.

It was a good weekend.  Yesterday we postponed the walk until after liturgy... allowing us more time to sleep... we were not in a rush to do anything in  particular so it turned out all right.  I weeded both of my raised gardens.   We will plant our lettuce soon.

Three of us went to see the Hunger Games.  It was good.  The book is better. 

We have negotiated the birthday dinner on Thursday.  Spaghetti and Poppy seek Cake with cream cheese icing.  It has been months since I have baked a cake.  Even longer since I have eaten cake.  I will probably throw caution to the wind and consume a piece.

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