Saturday, March 24, 2012



Today is the first day of a small vacation.   We are not going anywhere... well maybe for a couple of days to see my folks if the shed guy ever shows up.... if not then day trips are planned. City and Country.

Some serious spring housecleaning will happen.  De clutter mania is once again happening.   There is some serious blue sky and sunshine happening.  Calling it warm would be a stretch. 

I saw a daffodil in the ground.  Blooming.  Praise God. 

I have never really been a poetry person.  Until now.  I am enjoying the sparseness of words. 

I found out I share a birth date with Emily Dickinson.   Deb told me, go and read Deb.  I think she might be responsible for the poetry change of heart.  Or Vic.  Vic, has also posted some good things of late.

There is a shift happening.  I sense it.  I am thankful for you all.


elizabeth said...

May God bless and be with you... so glad for the sunshine...

Deb Colarossi said...

I love you.
And I hope you love what I just posted as well.
( and thank you... )

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