Monday, March 12, 2012

postscript weekend


  • this time change thing has knocked me for a loop.  do you think it is my age?  seriously tired.  seriously thankful that I have another day away from the day job.
  • an update from the daughter.   she found some shoes.  she danced in the audition.  she was invited to meet some people and talk about a summer program.  that's all I know.  I am incredibly proud of her for finding a way to overcome her challenge.  she said it was the most scariest thing she has done.  and she did it.  that will go a long way.
  • dark room has one coat of flat black paint.  second coat is going on within the hour.  my painting partner was a no show so I did it all myself.  and holy moly was I stiff last night.  the right arm was throbbing.  I am getting old.  
  • all morning there has been talk of wind storms.  we got nothing.  a small breeze maybe.
  • picked up the rollei and have shot another couple of rolls of test film.  mr. w will develop them this week.  if I am happy then I will splurge and order some colour 120 film.  I am excited.  
  • bought a couple of lens for the hipstomatic app for the iphone.  that is definitely something I could explore more.
  • I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the amount of dust in my house.  
  • I am listening the the Black Keys El Camino


deb colarossi said...

You alway perfectly sum up the paradox of life.

Mimi said...

We definitely got the wind storms, and they are continuing.
I really either am getting older or getting more cranky, but the time change is seriously kicking me down.

elizabeth said...

the time change is always hard for me too...

sending love to you.

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