Tuesday, March 13, 2012

from the film camera

more photos of our time in the city. 
I love this film.  Fuji Superia 400.
I am ordering some of this for the medium format camera. 

the skies are blue today.
a friend is coming for dinner after work.
we shall eat glory bowls.
it is my daughter's last full day in NYC

I have 9 full days of work before I am on holidays.  I sometimes wonder if I will make it.  
Lots of self reflection going on these days. 

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Lil'M said...

you WILL make it
and then what joy shall be yours!

i am on leave so my time is very open and incredibly available. anytime you can break away you are welcome to come fetch me or even just visit. i can drive short distances too, so we could also meet up...

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