Thursday, March 22, 2012

sheer craziness


What happened to my life this week?
Seriously.  I have been sucked into a vortex.  a sad event at work has left me running solo for the last couple of days.  this quickly leads me into gong show territory where it is is go, go, go.  I am actually doing pretty OK but, I am exhausted.  So exhausted that I have been avoiding my lap top.  Part of that is knowing that my little mac book is on its last legs.  It is SLOW TO RESPOND.  The front casing is cracked.  Well gone really.  I am about to give it some Duck Tape treatment.  I really need to back up my photos and resume that are held here.  And the taxes too.  I am holding onto the thought that Saturday I will be on vacation for one week.  But, it is only Thursday.  I have feel like I have worked a full week already.

The shed guy has gone AWOL again.  After all our plans to determine counter tops and shelving... he has been a no show for days.  Gah.  Which means that we need need to stay close to home if he is coming next week.  We really wanted it done this week so we could use next week to move all the equipment.  And let me tell you there is a ton of equipment - disbursed into 4 separate rooms.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining.  So there is that.  And that is quite a big thing in my books.  Cold though.  Way too cold for spring.  You see how quickly I fall to the side of complaints.  I am chalking that up to me being tired. 

Today I will eat toast. 


Victoria said...

thought of you when I got up and saw the sun. 'aw good! rw will be glad'

Mimi said...

Sorry about the shed guy.
Prayers and enjoy the sun :)

elizabeth said...

no fun about the shed guy MIA.

hoping for better and for sun. thinking of you.

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