Monday, April 16, 2012

bright monday recap

left over tulips from Holy Friday opened
thankful for the day of quiet
everyone home tonight
last day of free eating.... so the cheese makes an appearance and a last minute impulse buy of ice cream cake to celebrate the Resurrection

my heart is full
I am thankful for the life I have been given
and I am fully aware that this small reprieve is just that - a reprieve - a foretaste of the feast to come

the darkroom is almost done.... almost .... need to to paint the counter black and then start moving the equipment.  equipment that currently exists in 4 separate rooms in my house. 

game of thrones tonight

a random bit of conversation triggers an reminder of a domain name I registered several years ago... more on that later

how much do I love this blog/ creative woman here


Lil'M said...

don't those tulips just SCREAM resurrection? darkness breaks open to reveal a bright centre.

elizabeth said...

Christ is Risen! It is a gift to be given a time of reprieve; I feel it too; our priest spoke of how we will have to go back to our work/daily lives and it comes with effort to keep living in the reality of Christ's Pascha. May God help us.

amykblum said...

Do you love Game of Thrones? I am hooked. Need to read the books someday I suppose but I am just loving the series in all it's badness!

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