Wednesday, April 25, 2012

forward moving

Moving forward

coffee is especially good this morning.
my youth managed to get a ride home from work yesterday saving me the chore of picking them up - and leaving my cozy home in the rainy evening
received my prize letter opener telling me not to despair when I get the rejection letters ... I won it on a twitter contest from writer's relief
rye toast with peanut butter this morning
scratching down ideas - not sure when I will implement them but, if I don't write them down then they will never see the light of day
working through some employment frustration
resting in some easier days with my son
thankful for good friends near and far
striving to be mindful about all my choices
searching for goodness


blackbird said...

Sometimes I wonder, in the nicest way, if you need a new job.

Donna Farley said...

What a great letter-opener prize! Now if only someone would invent an e-version...there should be an app for that, right? :-)

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