Tuesday, April 24, 2012

silence punctuated by laundry

Monday was the first day back for Mr. W.  Back to the commute.  Back to the classroom.  Which meant that it was also my first day home alone in two months.  I sent everyone on their merry way and the house was silent.  It was awesome.

I purposely did not turn on the radio.  Nor did I listen to music.  I wrote.  I folded laundry.  I dashed outside and sat in the sun when the clouds parted.

Eventually I had to leave and run errands but, I was purposeful.  Bottle depot.  Grocery store.  Thrift shop to donate a bunch of stuff that I had been collecting in my laundry room.  The boys are coming over tonight to move the drying cabinet to the darkroom.  And two enlargers and then my house shall be empty of random photo developing equipment.  Hallelujah. 

We are planning a party.

It is raining.

Did I mention I can do 3 chin ups from a dead hang.  Oh yeah I can.


Lil'M said...

ah, the silence
how welcoming it can be
one almost feels robbed of it when there is bustle about.

congratulations on the final installation for the dark room! what a long journey.
and now, to celebrate :)

Victoria said...

careful you don't get all buff in the shoulders. :)

elizabeth said...

silence can be so good, I know this... blessings ...

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