Sunday, April 01, 2012

living pt 2

Thomas makes dinner


It is Sunday morning.  It is still raining.  There is nothing for it - it is BLEAK.  I am fighting off the waves of sadness.  I do believe I struggle more the grayness now than ever before in my life.  And for the next 6 days all they can promise is more rain.  The temptation to roll over and close my eyes is greater now than ever. 

But I won't.  Instead I make lists.   And bring out the hand drawn / coloured suns.  And indulge in a lot of tea drinking.  I distract myself with the knowledge that Game of Thrones Season 2 starts tonight.  I don't have HBO, so I will have to satisfy myself by hanging out here and here.   Living in an alternate universe helps. 

I haul out markers and write in my journal.

In one week it will be Holy Week.  Talk about the ultimate in alternative universes. 

I have a random teen asleep on my couch.  Couldn't go home.  Or didn't want to go home.  Or .... regardless of the reason she needed a warm dry place to sleep.  Right.  But, I worry about her.  Where do her parents think she is?  What happens next?  

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Mimi said...

Ultimate alternate universe indeed.

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